EMSU Scholarship Policy


Full and partial scholarships are available for individual youth players participating in any EMSU Summer camps, league play or tournaments. Any adult—coach, parent/guardian, relative, friend, teacher, or other—may apply for a scholarship on behalf of a youth player.

How to Apply

Fill out the scholarship application form below and we will be in touch shortly! You can still register for the league before you hear back from us - simply choose the cash/check option and you will not be charged upon registration. 

Scholarship Decisions

At EMSU we are committed to making sure everyone can afford to play ultimate. We provide both full and partial scholarships, and will always work with you to find a reasonable and affordable price. 

Scholarship Criteria

If our scholarship funds are running low, the factors below will weigh into our consideration:

•  Financial need. Financial need is the most important factor affecting the strength of a scholarship application. Applications that do not demonstrate financial need are typically not considered.

•  Time of application. Unless otherwise stated on the event webpage, scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

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