Eugene Middle School Ultimate


Strategic Plan

2018 – 2020


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Eugene Middle School Ultimate (EMSU) is a 501(c)3 organization
dedicated to the promotion of youth Ultimate Frisbee
in the greater Eugene-Springfield area.


Our Mission is:

To provide structured youth ultimate focused on fun,
inclusive play, and Spirit of the game

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Our Vision is that:

Every youth in the greater Eugene area has the opportunity to play
Ultimate Frisbee and be part of the Ultimate community.


EMSU STRATEGIC PLAN:  Goals, Strategies & Actions

EMSU developed the following Goals, Strategies and Actions to help achieve our mission and vision. The intent of this strategic plan is to guide the work of the EMSU Board of Directors, staff, contractors, and volunteers.  Annually, the EMSU board will also develop a more specific plan of work to organize and prioritize actions, guide resource allocation, and build on our previous achievements.


Goal 1: Maintain a strong and sustainable organization

Ø  Strategy: Develop and maintain an active Board of Directors

Ø  Action: Maintain regular meeting schedule

Ø  Strategy: Increase fundraising sources outside of fee-based revenue streams

Ø  Action: Identify and pursue grant applications

Ø  Action: Develop business sponsorships

Ø  Action: Develop annual fundraiser

Ø  Strategy: Recruit and retain volunteer coaches

Ø  Action: Recruit coaches (UO and community)

Ø  Action: Recruit Summer camp counselors

Ø  Action: Develop coach training tools

Ø  Action: Implement coach background check procedure

Ø  Strategy: Increase capacity to retain paid contractors

Ø  Action: Staffing plan

Ø  Action: Increase staff training opportunities

Ø  Action: Contract development for identified staffing needs

Goal 2: Increase opportunities and access among local youth to play ultimate Frisbee

Ø  Strategy: Develop programs and activities to play youth ultimate at all levels

Ø  Action: Fall and spring league

Ø  Action: School teams

Ø  Action: Summer camps

Ø  Action: Travel team

Ø  Action: Girls initiative(s)

Ø  Action: Support the growth of local high school ultimate

Goal 3: Raise awareness of youth ultimate and build community among players and families

Ø  Strategy: Increase public awareness of EMSU

Ø  Action: Social media outreach

Ø  Action: EUG outreach

Ø  Action: Priority school engagement & team development

Ø  Strategy: Build and maintain a sense of community among EMSU participants

Ø  Action: BBQ/potluck

Ø  Action: Engage local adult Ultimate community